Interview with Budhiram Tudu

As we have promised, today we will bring an exclusive interview with young sensation Budhiram Tudu of United Sikkim FC. Lets see how Budhiram tackles our questions....
Budhiram Tudu, United Sikkim FC

Q. Tell us about yourself.

Budhiram: Well, I am Budhiram Tudu, born in a Pandua, West Bengal on 16th November 1992. I have played for East Bengal in their junior side and have also represented them in the i-League.

Q. Something about your family.

Budhiram: My mom and dad along with my elder brother who also plays football for a small club.

Q. What are the positions you prefer to play?

Budhiram: I am more known as a forward but I can also play as a Right Winger.

Q. Your favorite footballer.

Budhiram: I love watching Cristiano Ronaldo play. Apart from that in India I am a fan of Mehtab Hussain of East Bengal.

Q. Your Favorite club.

Budhiram: Arsenal from English Premiere League and East Bengal from India.

Q. Your experience while playing for East Bengal.
Budhiram at East Bengal
Budhiram: Its a dream of every Indian footballer to play for the big Kolkata clubs and I must say that I am fortunate to have reached that milestone. It was my dream to play for a club like East Bengal one day. What I am now is entirely because of East Bengal, its because of them that people recognize me. Each time I wore the Red and Gold jersey I was "Living my Dreams".

Q. Do you miss East Bengal?

Budhiram: Not really because I stay in contact with them most of the time. During our preparations for the Second Division I-League in Kolkata, I went there.

Q. Will you return back to East Bengal if United Sikkim fails to qualify for the i-League this season?

Budhiram: Chances are that I will return back to East Bengal but if United Sikkim FC does manage to qualify for the I-league then I will might stay back with Sikkim United.

Q. How does it feel to play alongside a icon footballer like Baichung Bhutia?
Baichung Bhutia

Budhiram: I am honored to play alongside such a big name in Indian Football. And I must say I am lucky to have his guidance. I played alongside him when I was in East Bengal and now in United Sikkim also. It really feels great to play alongside such influential character.

Q. Which feels better- Playing in Kolkata or playing in Sikkim?

Budhiram: To be very frank, playing in Kolkata adds that extra amount of pressure with such huge crowd and massive support. So,I would prefer playing in Sikkim.

Q. You had your matches in the initial phase of second division in Guwahati. How was the Crowd support? 

Budhiram: Not much, Stands were more or less empty apart from few die hard football enthusiasts. Very few people from Sikkim came here.

Q. What about the crowd in Sikkim?

Budhiram: Actually I have never played in Sikkim but as I have heard, North East Crowds are massive. I am raring to play there.

Q. What about donning the National Jersey?

Budhiram: Its a dream for every footballer to represent their country and its the same with me. I hope that I can continue to play good football and one day I will be there representing my country.

Q. Few words for our readers at INDIAN FOOTBALL-The Blog.

Budhiram: Keep following Indian Football. We need your support.

Q. Thank you for speaking to us and sharing your wonderful experience and we wish you a wonderful career ahead.

Budhiram: Thank you.

So, that was young Budhiram Tudu from United Sikkim FC. We will continue to bring you more of such interviews with footballers and others related to football.

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