Interview with Fuja Tope

Fuja Tope, Chief Coach, Mohammedan SC
We are back again, and this time its not a footballer who will answer our questions, its a coach. Its none other than Second Division I-League side Mohammedan SC coach Fuja Tope.

Q. Plz tell us about yourself.

Fuja Tope: I am Fuja Tope, I am the Chief Coach of Mohammedan Sporting Football Club.

Q. Previous clubs that you have coached for.

Fuja Tope:  I guess I should tell you about only my international experience,

  •     Chief Coach of Machhindra FC Nepal  Div 1.  2006/07
  •     Coached the Tibetian Football Association team.    2008
  •     Head Coach Simla youngs FC Delhi.   2008/09
  •     Head Coach Mumbai United FC Mumbai.    2009/10
Q. Your Favorite club.

Fuja Tope: I like Manchester united

Q. Who is your favorite coach.

Fuja Tope: My favourite coach is Sir Alex ferguson.

Q. What formation do you prefer and why?

Fuja Tope: I dont have a favourite formation, I adapt to formations according to the quality and caliber of players I have in my team..
I dont have a favourite formation, I adapt to formations according to the quality and caliber of players I have in my team..
Q. Which playing style you prefer....Possession football, passing football or some other..Brazilian Type or Spanish Type?

Fuja Tope: Playing style, I try to put up a combination of Spanish, Brazilian and African  football.

Q. As a country with this much population, what are the prime reasons for its lack of considerable improvement in football?

Fuja Tope: Infact its amazing that a country like this with so much population and talent is not making an impact in soccer globally.

I think lack of proper infrastructures and lack of youth and long term development programs in the country is responsible for this.

Q. Don't you feel that Second Division I-League should run in parallel with the I-league and thus runs throughout the season unlike now where it only happens for 1 month?

Fuja Tope: Yes the best thing that can also happen to the development of football in the country, is to run the second division I-league simultaneously with the I league which will run through out the football season, this will also create an avenue for quality players to be spoted and moved into the I league and into the various level of the national team.

Q. We have seen Mohammedan as a transformed unit under your coaching, some eye catchy performances in IFA Shield. What is the secret behind it?

Fuja Tope: Ha ha....the secret behind it, I believe the players should be in the best position to answer this.

Q. How has been your journey with Mohammedan SC thus far?

Fuja Tope: Going by the stats My journey with Mohammedan Sporting has been, 4th position in the Kolkata League, Won 3 trophies, and presently playing in the first round of the I league qualifiers.

Q. We have heard that you received a Brazilian National jersey from someone as a gift. We would love to here more about that.

Fuja Tope: Yes the jersey was given by Zagalo.Apart from that, I also got gifts from prominent instructors like Zico, Rene Simoes, Proffesor Waltinho Silva and Fifa instructor Emidio Marques De Mesquite.

Q. What are your expectation and goal in this years second Division I-League? Can we see the White & Blacks back in the I-League?

Fuja Tope: My goal is to qualify for the I league....Gods willing.

Q. Thank you Coach for this wonderful Interview. Would You like to say something to our readers at INDIAN FOOTBALL-The Blog?

Fuja Tope: Log on to Indian Football always for upto date news and information about football in India. Cheers.

That was Fuja Tope, the Mohammedan SC Coach sharing his experience with us. We wish that he achieves success with Mohammedan SC. As I say always, its not the last, its just the beginning. We will be back with plenty more. Stay connected and keep visiting.

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