Interview with Netan Sansara

Exclusive Interview with Netan Sansara, Defender 

We are back with another interview. And this time we bring in front of you a well Known Player of Indian Origin(PIO) who has represented for England at junior level. The 6ft Defender, 21 yrs old, has played for several clubs which includes  Walsall(Npower League One), Dundee(Scottish First Division). Recently he joined PAEEK(Cypriot Second Division), which made him the first ever British Asian footballer to play in Cypriot League.

Q. Tell us about your Family and which of them makes you a player of Indian Origin.

Netan Sansara: My Fathers parents and my Mothers parents were both born in India.  They were based in the area Punjab and we still have plenty of family there.

Q. What made you choose PAEEK over other clubs?  
PAEEK, Cypriot Second Division

Netan Sansara: After discussing my options with my family and agent, James Garley, of Achieve (, we thought this move would make me grow up as a footballer and as a person. I will be on my own in a different country away from my family, which is something I have never done before. It is a great opportunity for me to be recognized in Europe and this is what I aim to do. Hopefully, this move can be a success for me and I can help PAEEK gain promoted and then who knows what can happen, a big European club could come knocking.  PAEEK will be a great club to develop my career and I have great respect for the club, the staff and the fans and I want to repay the faith  they have shown in me.

Q. How much idea you have about Indian Football and the i-League? 

Netan Sansara: There is a league in India which I am aware of, but I am not familiar with the structure or the teams.  However, it is somewhere that one day I would love to play. I'd love to give something back to the country that my family originates from. So that is something I'd love to do in the future.

Q. We heard that you were once called up for Indian Team which you rejected. Is there any truth in that news?   

Netan Sansara: I once had a phone call from an agent based in India when I was having a successful time in the Walsall first-team.  He asked if I would be interested in joining the national team for a camp in Qatar. However, this was during a busy period (Christmas period) in England so with a lot of fixtures at the time, I told the agent it would not be possible, but that I still would love to play for India in the future.

Q. Do you ever see yourself wearing the Team India Jersey any time? 

Netan Sansara: If the opportunity arises then I would love to put on the shirt. I feel I can be a real success for India, I believe in my ability and believe I can be a massive success for the national team.

Q. To represent India you must surrender your other passports, because of the restriction imposed by the Indian Government. Are you ready to do that? 

Netan Sansara: If India showed me that they really wanted me to become an international for them and made me feel like it was the right move for me then I would be willing to surrender my British passport.

Q. You have been capped at junior level for England. How does it feel as a Player of Indian Origin to represent England?  
Sansara is already capped at U-18 and U-19 level for England

Netan Sansara: It is probably the biggest achievement of my career. Not many people get the chance to represent England at any level and for me to have done that was a massive honour. A proud moment for me and my family. Being a British born Asian also made it that bit more special. It shows British Asians that they too can achieve this.

Q. Do you feel that more British Asian Players should come up in the game? 

Netan Sansara: I get asked this question a lot. There's a lot of hard work that goes into becoming a footballer. If British Asians are willing to work hard and make this commitment - and if they have the ability - they will break through.  Unfortunately, when this will be is a question that I cannot answer.

Q. Do you have any message to convey to Indian Football Fans?  

Netan Sansara: I would just like to say players like me - of Indian origin - need the support and for all the people that support me I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and its that love and support that spurs me on to become a better player. Hopefully one day I can come to India and play in the i-League and show Indian fans my talent.

Q. Any comments for our readers at Indian Football are welcomed. 

Netan Sansara: Keep supporting me and following me, this support drives me on to become a better player. I do want to state that a call-up to the India National team is a priority for me and I want the INDIAN FA to do all they can to make my dream become possible. I'm ready for this next move and it can benefit both parties.

Thank you Netan for speaking to us and sharing your views. We would one day love to see you wearing the blue jersey if possible. That was me Debraj Banerjee, with an exclusive interview with Netan Sansara. We will bring more big names in front of you. Stay connected.

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Anonymous said...

Its strange you use the word 'WE' instead of 'I'. Sounds funny. Never mind, good interview. Keep it up

Debraj Banerjee said...

Thnx..But sorry for that...Actually I take my blog as a community of you fans including me obviously. So I used WE. WE= Indian football Fans.

This blog has equal share of you all as much as I have.


Anonymous said...

Nice Interview and best of Luck Netan