Interview With Renedy Singh

Renedy Singh with Me, Debraj Banerjee

The man who needs no introduction to Indian Football Fans, the midfielder who deserves all the praise in the world for what he has given to the country. The true genius in the field with his pin point passing and a Set Piece specialist. The man from Imphal, who currently ply his trade in Bhaichung Bhutia owned side United Sikkim FC, he is none other that Renedy Singh. I had a time to have his interview.

Q. Your favourite player team.

My favourite team in international club is Chelsea and in India is, ofcourse United Sikkim and National team England since i support England.
Renedy Singh, against Australia in Asia Cup 2011

Q. What according to you, was the best moment in the Indian Jersey.

The match against Bahrain in the Asia Cup this year because the team played extremely well.

Q. Please share your experience in the Asia Cup 2011, Qatar experience.

It was a good experience. The team did well..

Q. Your first cap for the National Team came at the age on 19 only,Can you recollect your feeling during that time?

I played Asia Cup and it was a very good feeling and thanks to Sukhvinder Singh who was the coach, who gave me a chance and since then I have been playing 

Q. By the time you joined Mohun Bagan, You were considered as one of the best Free-Kick takers in India. Did you enjoy the moments when you were termed as the Dead Ball Specialist?

Yes and I am still enjoying it. It’s not easy but I am still working on it.

Q. Having played more than 70 International Matches, which coach did you like the most and Why?

Bob Houghton has been the best for me. Of course he is the best coach the India team could get. There is nothing compared to him.

Q. Your thunderbolt in the match against Bahrain which recotiated of the top post and crossed the line before coming back to the other side, was not given as Goal, though after which Chhetri converted it from goal mouth range. Did you feel disappointed for that not being your goal?

A goal is a goal. I am not disappointed over who ever scored but i am happy that it was a goal and I took the shot. Regarding Goal-Line Technology, football is a fast game and unlike cricket you cannot stop the game for reviews.

Q. India are currently ranked at a low 158th Rank in the latest FIFA Ranking. Do you feel the rank reflect the Indian team potential wise?

Because we hardly play international matches so we just cannot blame on rankings.

Q. North East India has produced quality Footballers at the top level of Indian Football for ages, do you feel that more emphasis should be given on the region in the part of development of the game. Already Artificial turfs are laid in Imphal.

Of Course there should be more concentration and facilities. Just laying artificial turf is not going to help.

Q. What made you join United Sikkim FC? Was it for Baichung or for giving back something to your home?

Of course it was baichung. It was his idea to come up with USFC and toyiong with this idea for a long time and being. Playing together for a long time and a as a friend if I can help him a bit in anyways I am happy.

Q. Do you ever feel that Indians should try their luck outside India for a change. May be trying out some lower division leagues.

There are a lot of players going out for trials outside these days unlike in the past when Bhaichung was the only one. So atleast we have a few players going outside which is good and even there are a lot of agents who are taking a lot of interest in Indian football.

Q. How do You think the Club managed to perform in its first outing at the Second Division i-League?

I think we performed well. Just with one more win we could we could have gone through. We had very less time to prepare and I am happy that we went that far.

Q. Are you looking forward to any new faces to make their place in Indian National Team?

There are a lot of new faces and players who are doing very well like Jeje and Gaikwad. I think they will perform better in the days to come.

Q. We would like to have a few words from you to our readers.

Please keep supporting Indian football and thats what Indian football needs.

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