WIFA- A role model in itself

            When we talk about Indian sports, it has been the trend of Indian fans to complain about the federation lacking professionalism, not providing facilities, fan interaction and many other reasons for us lacking in football.here we are just giving look on one organisation which is doing their all best possible to get close to the ideal sport organisation-WIFA , the state  football federation of Maharashtra has been doing a fabulous job in recent times to improve the state of game in Maharashtra by various ways.
Western India Football Association(WIFA)

Every person want the sport federation to be organised by some ex-sport personalities,  and WIFA possess former international Henry Menezes as their CEO, under whose visionary ,WIFA had initiated many activities which could in next 3-5 years will change the whole football scenario in Maharashtra.

Here we shall give a look at some of  exciting activities of WIFA which are there for us to get a bright future for  both Maharashtra as well as Indian football:-
1. wifa is the 1st local federation to understand the need of local and eligible coach at grass root level and the result is -we are witnessing aiff-D coaching license scheme in all over Maharashtra so that they could have as many as 5000 eligible coaches from Maharashtra in next 3-4 years and making it mandatory for all school and local teams to have coaches for them as soon as the target is reached in time of 4-5 years.

2. The effort of WIFA to bring back the glory days of Mumbai football is clearly visible from their interest shown in renovation process. The working of cooperage is being run at such a pace that they may reach the target of having a fully renowned ground even before the 3 years as promised.

3. Everybody here talk about the interaction of fans, does this really matters for the fans from Maharashtra??? WIFA has a Facebook page in which they regularly update the various schemes of wifa, videos and photos of working of cooperage and the live score updates of some local and I-league matches too.

If this way of work continues, then there may not be long time left for us to see some great quality teams and players coming from the state of Maharashtra showing their talents in a jam-packed cooperage or balewadi stadium and ruling Indian football. Everybody for some reason looks for a model to follow, and WIFA provides one such excellent model of sports administration. If all state federation looks to solve their basic problems on their own in similar way and if AIFF is able to do good with their academies and national team exposure, it is not long for us to fulfil the dream of playing in world cup.
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I am Acham Thavirthan from Mumbai. I have been a follower of Indian sports, mainly Indian Football and Hockey, with a wish to see a day when every i-league matches being followed the same way IPL games are watched and also to watch in stadium the Indian football team play FIFA world cup.

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