An Analysis: Beyond 130+

Currently ranked 164th in the World as per the latest World FIFA Rankings, it's a big concern for every Indian Football fan. Here is an analysis by me to find out the reasons behind the rank which has been 130+ for quite some time now. 

The reason can be classified into two parts: 

  • observed with naked eyes.
  • reasons behind the scene.

Observed with naked eye

1. Quality: 

Each and every Indian football fan and fan of football from India would like to acknowledge that our football lacks quality in every aspects. Lack of quality grounds, staffs, officials, referees and last but not least- players, all of them are responsible for dragging our ranking to 160+.

2. Bias: 

This is one of the most controversial reason which can be argued among all the fans placed in the corners of this huge country. Whenever NT(national team) selection happens, huge shout from all over India can be heard against the NT coach being biased. Though this is true that some of the real star performers in domestic league never really get a chance to prove themselves for NT, whereas some of NT players who under-perform continuously are rarely punished when they perform poor in domestic league.

3. Fan support: 

In India, football fans are second largest sorted by quantity. These football fans can be found  all over the country and can be classified into two parts : Indian football fans and football fans from India. Sadly, the later fans are more in numbers, and eventually this has been proved recently in the Macca of Indian football, Kolkata where NT saw a surprising "tend to ZERO" fans in an International friendly at the Salt Lake Stadium against Malaysia.

Behind the scene

1. Infrastructure: 

This is one of the key reason behind the downfall of Indian football. Almost for more than 50 years, no concrete steps has been taken, not even in the golden era of Indian football - the post 1960's. Gradually this game let other sports to takeover its popularity and become back-bencher. Later, in the post 2000, some development steps were taken by AIFF and the grass-roots are on the way to be stronger. Recent developments saw AIFF taking the initiatives of launching the Regional Academy's with proper guidance from FIFA.

2. Professionalism:

This is also one of the major reason behind the downfall of Indian football. Professionalism of officials, staffs, players are major concern now a days. Transfer stories for the next season always come into air in the current season. Big deals between sponsors and different organisation brings no fruit, even no audit process is present in the system to check the flow of huge money given by sponsors.

3. Tactics: 

The concept of Modern football has changed from old football models and now tactics are decided on the availability of quality players. But Indian football is nowhere taking lesson from modern evaluations and stuck to the old tactics. Almost all the domestic clubs and NT are following same tactics over the years which lacks creativity. For example: One always remembers the ex-NT Coach Bob Houghton for his long balls, and never changing 4-4-2 where as it is a crystal clear fact that it hardly suited the Blue Tigers. Same goes with the current interim coach Savio Medeira.

There are many more points which could justify the 130+ ranking. We are already aware of the bumpy transition from 1960's Asian Giants to 2010's Sleeping Giants. Now its upto players, fans, officials and staffs to reignite this game in India to the glory.
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