Interview with Brandon Fernandes

Interview with Brandon Fernandes

As promised earlier, we have interviewed the young rising Indian sensation Brandon Fernandes. A special type of Interview- "For the Fans and By the Fans", where questions were asked by the football fans all over India and as promised we have passed the same to Brandon and here are the answers by the ASD (African Soccer Development) Academy Cape Town based footballer from Goa.

Originally a product of the Fransa FC academy before moving to Salgaocar Sport Club where he played at various age groups including U-14, U-16 and U-19, Brandon came to the limelight when he was chosen by Cape Town Soccer School of Excellence at the age of 14 years. Since then Brandon has not looked back once. He has represented Indian at many youth levels. Brandon also represented his country at the finals of Manchester United-organized World Skills in 2008.

Q. ‎What are the difference of infrastructure and youth sturcture between south africa and india? Which part of your game has improved since his move to ASD? [Asked By: Archak Sengupta, Durgapur, West Bengal]

Brandon: "At ASD the Technical Team develop a program that teaches us all to adapt to different styles of play and we train 6 days a week. We have a definite style at ASD and I am learning to deal with the speed of the ball in high tempo situations. I have improved a lot of areas of my game at ASD and have built up more confidence"

Interview of Brandon Fernandes, ASD Cape Town

Q. "Hey Brandon first of all Congrats, now the Indian Dreams are on Your Shoulder". If you get a chance in Europe what will be your decision? [Asked By: Jagadeesh.J, Elappara,Kerala]

Brandon: "If I get a chance in Europe I will definitely go for it"

Q. How is Club descipline or Professionalism in your present place is different than in Indian Clubs?Could you tell us about the European tour and opponents in the U19 tournament? Also what is your role in U19 Team (tactics, position)? What is the formation ASD Cape Town plays and does it differ from that of Indian U19 team? [Asked By: Rudra Nayan Das, Bangalore]

Brandon: "We just returned from our ASD European Tour 2012. Our first game was in Portugal against Braga SC. The opponents were big and physically strong but we beat them 2-0. In Spain we played Deportivo La Coruna. They were the toughest opposition - not that big physically but they were brilliant on the ball and had talented individual players. Our last game was in Belgium against Sporting Lokeren. The conditions were not that good and it rained throughout. Lokeren were tough but good competition. It was a great experience for me. I played an attacking midfield role and our formation for most of tour was 4-5-1. Our aim was to play 'possession football'"

Q. What was the perception of Indian football amongst the South Africans and people from other nations played with and has your performance created any change in their view? [Asked By: Nishant Ramela, Hyderabad]

Who is your inspiration and has SA been a cultural change? How can more youngsters go to South Africa? [Asked by: Mario Fernandes, Divar, Goa]

Brandon: "At ASD there are players like me who are from other countries. All my teammates have been very positive about my football. At the recent Bayhill Tournament the ASD fans were calling me by my nickname 'India' which was funny. I know ASD are interested in developing more young players from the Asian continent and the owners visited Mumbai and Goa recently"

Q. "Hi Brandon, my question to you is :- We have seen several players based overseas become P.I.Os/ O.C.I's/ overseas citizens thus making them ineligible for the senior Indian national team. Do you plan to follow the trend, or will you be making us all proud by donning a senior India jersey in the future?" [Asked By: Jahan Peston Jamas, Mumbai]

Is it the money that lets a player choose a club? Suppose If an Indian club offer you more money than an European outfit , what will be your preference? [Asked By: varun kumar, Alappuzha, Kerala]

Brandon: "I am proud to represent India and my preference for the future would be to play in Europe so I can keep my country's flag flying high. Money is not my goal. I just want to play good soccer."

Q. What's your main target in association with Indian football? [Asked By: Shekkeer, Kochi]

Brandon: "My main target is to be an example for Indian young talent by playing in Europe"

Brandon Further went on to add...

"Salgaocar Jr was a really important part of my development and their work with me helped me to take a step forward in my football career. When I was playing in Goa they contributed to my progress as a player and I will always remember and thank them for that".

Indian Football - The Blog would like to thank the entire ASD Cape Town team especially Susanna Steptoe (Marketing Director) and Micha Guhring(Operations Manager) for making the interview possible and also would wish Brandon a spectacular future up ahead.

Stay in touch, and we will bring more of these interesting interviews.
Debraj Banerjee (Owner of the Blog)

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Anonymous said...

Brandon Fernandes learnt his football basics with Salgaocar Juniors, It is even reported that he was helped financially by the club during his early trip to SA. How come he doesn't even mention about them in any of his Interviews.

If any of the above is true, and if Brendon is reading my comment, then i would like to tell him that greatness of a player is not in what he does on the field but off it.