AIFF IMG plan to start IPL style football League

AIFF and IMG planning on IPL Style football

Much like the IPL and ICL saga, AIFF and IMG are planning to introduce IPL style franchisee based league which might take place after i-League. The discussion are in preliminary stage and nothing is concrete yet. Much like the Premier League Soccer (PLS) which was slated to take place on March, but was postponed due to State Government's intervention and infrastructural shortcomings, the IPL style football league will be having franchise-based system where different franchise will be taking part in auction based system for purchasing a team.

If at all this kind of franchise-based IPL style league happens to take place, it seems hard how AIFF will be able to find scope for the addition of this new IPL style league alongside i-League as the players who are involved in the i-League use that span for rest. The organizers might plan to shorten the i-League but that will again be a strategic blunder as it will further reduce the charm of the national league itself which already lack proper following. 
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