India not a supportive Nation : Survey conducted by Tenvic

·  Dilip Vengsarkar, Dhanraj Pillay, I.M.Vijayan, Anjum Chopra, Ashwini Ponappa launch a campaign to unite India in its support for sports and sportspeople
According to the sportspersons surveyed in the TenVicks Report: Measuring India’s Cheer Quotient:
o  A mere 14% of sportspersons surveyed believe India stands by them even when they are losing, as compared to England at 42% and Australia at 36%
o  While 100% believe crowds back them as one voice while winning, almost 52% feel they face unsupportive crowds when the going is not good
o  Sportspersons believe Australia is the most vocal in its support for their team when it wins, followed closely by England and India at number 3
o  In terms of overall crowd attitude India fades to a 14% and shares space with Australia, and stands pale in comparison of England at 58%!
o  As a city, Kolkata is best when you win and Chennai when one is losing

A study conducted amongst 50 prominent Indian sports personalities - TenVicks Report: Measuring India’s Cheer Quotient was unveiled in Delhi on 10th August,2012. The report was commissioned and released by a panel of eminent sportspeople including Dilip Vengsarkar, Dhanraj Pillay, I.M. Vijayan, Anjum Chopra, Ashwini Ponappa who have come together in a mission to generate crowd support as One India, One Voice, One Cheer.

The report brings to the forefront that though India is a supportive nation, it lags way behind other nations like Australia and England who are more appreciative and encouraging irrespective of whether the team is winning or losing. Only 14% of the study respondents think that Indians cheer for the team in all situations.

Speaking on the occasion, Dilip Vengsarkar - Indian cricketer and cricket administrator popularly known as 'Colonel', said: “In India, sports are extensively followed by people. There is an emotional connect with sports, thus it is important to find the intensity of it. As a sportsperson myself I feel that the strength of one cheer can turn a losing match into a winning one.”

Dhanraj Pillay - Ace hockey player said “I understand the power of cheering and what it can do in activating your grey cells and combining all the energy to give your best shot, which can be a reason for the entire nation to celebrate.”

Speaking on the need for cheering and the impact it has on sportsperson’s performance, I.M. Vijayan said “In India where sports is equivalent to religion, the importance of a basic thing like cheering cannot be understated. When your people cheer for you, you know that you are not alone. It acts like a prayer for your victory.”

Anjum Chopra – Former captain of women’s Cricket team said, "A game is not over till the last ball is bowled, in a similar way the crowd should keep on cheering the team they vouch for till the end."

Ashwini Ponappa said, “I am extremely proud to be here along with such renowned names from the sports fraternity. I personally believe that Cheering has a huge role to play in sports, it acts like a driving force in motivating the team to put their best foot forward.”

The TenVicks Report: Measuring India’s Cheer Quotient is a compilation of the feedback of 50 respected personalities from the world of cricket, hockey, football and badminton. These include established names from the sports fraternity such as Anil Kumble, Venkatesh Prasad, Prakash Padukone, Jude Felix, Mitali Raj, Harsha Bhogle and many more. It was supported by Vicks to understand the impact of crowd cheer on a player’s performance. Thus, highlighting the need for a unifying element that will bring together Indians at sporting events to become one nation and have one cheer. Speaking on supporting this unique report, Vicks Spokesperson - Mr. Varun Sharma said “Vicks is proud to support the launch of the TenVicks Report: Measuring India’s Cheer Quotient The study conducted amongst well-known Indian sports personalities gives us a perspective on the importance of crowd support and how it impacts a player and the game. Through the Vicks Cheer for Champions campaign, we urge Indians to support the true heroes of our nation by coming together as one unified nation in one voice…one cheer.”

About Tenvic

TENVIC is a company formed by Anil Kumble, Vasanth Bharadwaj and Diinesh Kumble, targeted at providing innovative value addition to the sporting and corporate world. The company operates three lines of business – core sporting skills training at the grassroots level, lessons from sports applied to corporations and sportspeople, brand building, consumer marketing and property creation in the sports space for corporate brands. TENVIC is headquartered in Bangalore.
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