I-League Should Consider Online Gaming Companies for League Sponsorship

I-League fans know that the league is currently without a title sponsor and has been that way since 2011.  While the league having difficulty in finances and the fact that sponsors are not lining up at the door, it may be time for the league to consider some alternative sponsorship, such as partnering with an online gaming company. 

One such company that comes to mind is bwin.Party.  Bwin has been a big supporter of football around the world for the last few years.  They have been the shirt sponsor of Real Madrid for years and recently bwin signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Manchester United. 

In addition to their shirt sponsorships, they have also served as title sponsors for the Portuguese League Cup, now known as the Bwin Cup.  Serie B in Italy is now Serie bwin.  Both leagues have enjoyed the benefits of teaming with an online gaming company.

While we have been primarily talking about bwin, we are not necessarily saying that the I-League should go with bwin as a sponsor.  We used them as an example of a company that has been heavily involved in the game.

Partnering with an online gaming company also makes sense in the fact that many football fans will place wagers on their favorite teams and on key matches during League play.  The sponsor company can benefit from this as they will be the ones taking and paying off the bets when necessary.

These partnerships can benefit the individual squads as well.  If you look at the deals that other teams have, some companies have actually opened fan sites where fans of a particular club can wager and play games at while supporting their club.  It is just another way to market the I-League and its teams.

Online gaming companies may not seem like a typical sponsorship route, but the league needs to think about avenues that are both beneficial to the league and to the sponsors.  The I-League would be a great investment for any online gaming company as the two could work together to help the league grow and take on international significance.
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