Santosh Trophy 2013: Quarter Final fixtures Released

Santosh Trophy 2013 Quarter Final Fixtures

Please find below the quarter final and remaining draws for the 67th Santosh Trophy (2013).

Quarter Finals Fixtures:


23-Feb-2013 : Services vs Railways 
23-Feb-2013 : Orissa vs Madhya Pradesh 
25-Feb-2013 : Railways vs Orissa 
25-Feb-2013 : Madhya Pradesh vs Services 
27-Feb-2013 : Services vs Orissa 
27-Feb-2013 : Railways vs Madhya Pradesh 


23-Feb-2013 : Tamilnadu vs Goa 
23-Feb-2013 : Maharashtra vs Jharkhand 
25-Feb-2013 : Goa vs Maharashtra 
25-Feb-2013 : Jharkhand vs Tamilnadu 
27-Feb-2013 : Tamilnadu vs Maharashtra 
27-Feb-2013 : Goa vs Jharkhand 


23-Feb-2013 - Haryana vs Uttar Pradesh 
23-Feb-2013 - Kerala vs J & K 
25-Feb-2013 - J & K vs Haryana 
25-Feb-2013 - Uttar Pradesh vs Kerala 
27-Feb-2013 - Uttar Pradesh vs J & K 
27-Feb-2013 - Kerala vs Haryana


23-Feb-2013 - Manipur vs Punjab 
23-Feb-2013 - Bengal vs Karnataka 
25-Feb-2013 - Punjab vs Bengal 
25-Feb-2013 - Karnataka vs Manipur
27-Feb-2013 - Manipur vs Bengal 
27-Feb-2013 - Punjab vs Karnataka

Semi Finals:

28-Feb-2013 -  Winner Group B Vs Winner Group C
01-Mar-2013 - Winner Group A Vs Winner Group D


03-Mar-2013 - Winner Semi Final 1 Vs Winner Semi Final 2
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Geet said...

Thanks for the fixture...Can you please update the match timings also;if possible the TV channels also!!