AFC Cup 2013 Match Report: Churchill Brothers share points with Semen Padang

Churchill Brothers share point despite dominating the
game against Semen Padang FC of Indonesia
Chatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune
AFC Cup 2013 Results
Churchill Brothers 2-2 Semen Padang FC
CB: Sunil Chhetri(26th), Bikramjit Singh(57th)
SP: Hendra Bayauw(36th), Muhammad Rizal(45th)

Played at the Chatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex, Pune, under the scorching sunlight, the visiting team from Indonesia, Semen Padang FC found it hard to adjust to the adverse climatic condition and the i-League contenders Churchill Brothers dominated the proceedings. The goan side earned the lead through on loan forward Sunil Chhetri as he showed his heading ability when his sweetly timed header from a bunch of players bulged the Indonesian goal from a Denzil Franco ball from the right side on the 26th minute. The game had very good rhythm with some neat passing from both teams. One such moment saw the visiting team get the lead through Hendra Bayauw in the 36th minute, as he dribbled past few red shirts and suddenly took a grounder from just the edge of the box which took Sandip Nandy by surprise and he failed to stop the ball from evading his hands through his near post and the scoreline read 1-1. Nearing the lemon break, out of nowhere the Red Machines were left red faced as Sandip Nandy under no pressure threw the ball straight to a Semend Padang shirt, and it was Muhammad Rizal who made no mistake as he lobbed the ball from few yards outside the box over completely out of position Sandip Nandy to give the visitors lead.

After the break, the game was again back to tiki-taka passing with occasional miss-passes. It was Bikramjit Singh who once again brought smiles to the section of crowd filled with young boys wearing blue jerseys which read "PIFA - Pune International Football Academy", doing all the cheering. Bikramjit got the ball after some delicate passing between Sunil Chhetri and Beto, took a shot at the rival goal and the goalkeeper Eka Putra could not properly grasp the ball as it rolled past him in the 57th minute to make the scoreline 2-2. Again went the vivid chants of "Churchill Brothers (followed by three beats sound generated from the chairs)..."sometimes they said Beto.. sometimes they said Brazil. It was heartening to see their passion in full voice. Back to the game, just after the goal, as the game restarted, Churchill could have been cursing themselves as they looked freeze as one Semen Padang player managed to find himself open one on one against Nandy, who made a brilliant save to keep the score level. A cross from right side saw Beto rushing towards the Indonesian keeper to meet the ball, but he managed to crash into the rushing Eka Putra who immediately fell unconscious. The crowd went silent as the Churchill Brothers and Semen Padang players  screamed for the medics team. The ambulance came in no time, actually so much was the rush that two ambulances came to the ground at once, with one being sent back. The players looked distressed by the event as both set of players were seen praying the almighty for the Indonesian custodian well-being. The substitute goalkeeper had to be thanked by his team mates as he managed to make a superb diving save from a scorcher effort by Beto from outside the box in the dying minutes of the game. Churchill now have their first points while the visiting team Semen Padang has 4 points from two games. 
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