I-League 2012-13 Statistical Review: Prayag United SC

Our review of i-League 2012-13 Edition in a statistical way. These stats are valid till Round 20 of the ongoing i-League. Please feel free to add your views and feedback in the comment section. 


I-league Summary:

Games Played
Goals Scored
Goals Conceded
Goal Difference
No. of Clean Sheets
Club form during Season:

Team form of Prayag United SC

Some interesting facts

Longest Unbeaten streak: 3 Matches (Match Day 1-3, Match Day 14-16 and Match Day 18-20*)

Longest Winning streak: 3 Matches (Match Day 14 - Match Day 16)

The Most attacking period: 75 mins to 90 mins (scored 13 goals)

Longest Losing Streak:
 3 Matches (Match 8- Match Day 10)

Clubs Goal Scoring/Conceding graph:

A graph depicting the goal scoring and Goal Scoring pattern of Prayag United SC

Club’s best winning performance: 10-1 win over United Sikkim FC (10-Nov-2012)

Club's worst losing performance:
 1-3 loss on Three occasions (Dempo SC, Pune fc and Sporting clube de Goa)
Prayag Untited Goal Beast - Ranti Martins(20 Goals)
Match having highest no of Goals: 
11 goals (in 10-1 win over United Sikkim FC)

The Heart-beat of the team: 

Ranti Martins(20 matches), Asif Kottayil, Lalkamal Bhowmick, C Vineeth(all 19 matches)

Goal machine:
Ranti Martins (scored 20 Goals)

These stats are managed and maintained by me(Debraj Banerjee) and Acham Thavirthan.
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