Mohammedan Sporting accused for Bhawanipore SC's missed qualification berth

Mohammedan Sporting accused of deliberately loosing their final match to dash Bhawanipore SC's hope

With Mohammedan Sporting and Rangdajied United both qualifying for the next edition of i-League (2013-14), Bhawanipore was left red faced with 17 points (one less than Mohammedan Sporting's 18 points). As per a Bengali Daily, Mohammedan Sporting was to be blamed for Bhawanipore SC's missed qualification berth. Mohun Bagan legend Jose Ramirez Barreto had tears in his eyes when Bhawanipore SC fell short of qualification despite thrashing Mumbai Tigers 5-3 in their last match, and was quoted saying he could not believe the amount of rivalary between two clubs from same city can have.
Jose Ramirez Barreto, Bhawanipore SC,
was in tears after loosing on qualification

Mohammedan Sporting qualified for the i-League two days before the final match and a win or draw for them against Rangdajied United in their final match would have paved way for Bhawanipore's qualification provided they won their battle against Mumbai Tigers which they eventually did. But much to their shock, Mohammedan Sporting lost their only match in the entire Second division campaign with a scoreline of 1-3 against Rangdajied United. Leaving the shocking loss aside, the manner in which they lost raised a few eyebrows. As many as five first team players were dropped from the starting eleven with neither of the players having any idea for the same prior to the match. After Mohammedan Sporting defender Charles was responsible for the first goal(being an own goal), Mohammedan Sporting did a uncharacteristic change after being down by two goals, bringing on two defenders (Kingsuk Debnath and Dhanarajan) in place of two forwrds.

Its not the first time that these kind of questionable incidents have taken place in the second division match. Last year many fingures were raised when United Sikkim FC qualified for the i-League getting past Mohammedan Sporting with many questionable decisions were made by the referee.

Please note that the entire article is just the translation of a Bengali Daily.

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