i-League 2012-13 Goal Time Statistics - Pailan Arrows

i-League Statistics and Facts: Goal Times Analysis - Pailan Arrows
Continuing on our recent venture with goal times analysis we now bring to you the statistics of the same for Pailan Arrows.
Pailan Arrows under abcdfootball's scanner for Goal Time Statistics

Note: We have not considered own-goals and there might be some variations from the original statistics because of human-errors that might have crawled in but the data is the closest which you would get.

Here is how Pailan Arrows have scored their goals:

Graph showing Pailan Arrows goals: 
X-Axis(horizontal): Time Period of Match
Y-Axis(Vertical): Number of Goals Scored

Goal Time Period vs Number of Goals Graph
This is how their goal time vs number of goals data shows up:

0 - 10
10 - 30
30 - 45
45 - 60
60 - 75
75 - 90
Pailan Arrows

Period Having Highest Number of Goals: 30-45 Minutes(7 Goals)
Period Having Least Number of Goals: 10-30 Minutes(2 Goals)
Possible Goal Scoring Pattern: The graph for Pailan Arrows is asymmetrical and only few points could be chalked out of the blocks. Each half produces almost equal number of goals with 12 goals coming in the first 45 minutes while 13 goals coming in the next. Maybe the young blood in Pailan Arrows is responsible for getting the large proportion of their goals in the latter half of each 45 minutes half with a combined total of 12 goals in the last quarter of each half.

These stats are managed and maintained by me(Debraj Banerjee) and Acham Thavirthan.
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