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ABCDFootball's interview with
Pune FC Head Operations, Chirag Tanna caught up with Head Operations Pune FC, Chirag Tanna and asked some questions about the "ever-so-professional" club and its progress. We asked questions related to Pune FC's grand success in acquiring AFC Club License and also the National Club License and also regarding the upcoming season. Lets have a look how the conversation went:

1.       First of all ABCDfootball would like to congratulate you and the entire Pune FC team for the recent accolade of being the first i-League team in the history of Indian Football to acquire the National Club License as well as the AFC License. First of all, the most basic question, how does it feel being the Head of Operations of such a club?

Chirag Tanna: I feel honoured and privileged to be the Head of Operations of Pune Football Club. Our board of directors are not only passionate about Indian football but are also very knowledgeable about the football industry. All the employees of the club are very driven to ensure that Pune FC succeeds on and off the pitch.

2.       How important for an I-League club is to acquire the dual license? 

Chirag Tanna, Head Operations,
Pune FC
Chirag Tanna: As Indian football evolves, we have seen the evolution of the participants, from Domestic Teams to Domestic Clubs. The First Team is an integral part of the Club, but the ecosystem of a Club includes a lot more than the squad of 30 players. The Club includes a proper Youth Development set up and a robust Back Office set up. The Back Office includes various Departments like Accounts, Media, Marketing, Administration and Legal.
I think it is very important for Indian football clubs to fulfil both these criteria.

3.      Pune FC, owing to the strong performance in I-League in recent times, have managed to change their status from being a "dark horse" to a "powerhouse" of Indian Football. It is astonishing how a club which is one of the younger clubs of I-League has managed to gain such huge stride in Indian Football. Whom do you owe the success to and how does it help the club's progress and development to get "The License"?

Chirag Tanna: I don’t know if we can be called a “powerhouse” in Indian football as yet. Credit for our performance during the past few seasons goes to our coaching staff and the players. They work exceptionally hard and understand the pride associated with wearing the Pune FC jersey.

About the new season:

Derrick Pereira left the club after a
very successful  era with Pune FC
1.       Pune FC now have a different coach making the calls after an "era" under Derrick Pereira with all the success he brought to the club. How much will the club miss his services?

Chirag Tanna: Derrick has been excellent for Pune FC. When Derrick joined us 2009, the club was new and he did an exceptional job of building the team that were competitive from the very first year itself.
Mike Snoei, the new man in charge
of the Pune FC team

When we decided to get a new head coach, we made certain that the person coming in understood the philosophy of the club and what we wanted to achieve as a club. In Mike we feel we have got the coach who understands our philosophy and can take Pune FC forward.

2.       For a change, it seems a new trend to see foreigners from different part of the world join I-League clubs rather than the dominance of African and Brazilians. What do you feel have initiated this change and also share its possible impact on the league?  Also Could you share your views on the new-signings of Pune FC?
About the New Signings

Chirag Tanna: It really doesn’t matter where the foreign players come from, what is more important is how they fit in your team.

This year we decided to spend a lot more time and effort on our foreign signings. A lot of time was spent scouting videos of foreign players and with the current set of players we feel we have the right balance of players.

All the new foreign players have played at a level which is a lot higher than the I-League. Once they adapt to Indian conditions, I am certain that they will all do very well.

ABCDFootball would like to thank Chirag Tanna and the entire Pune FC team to give us an opportunity to interact with him. We also congratulate the entire Pune FC team regarding their recent accolade of Club Licensing and would also wish them a great run ahead in the upcoming season of i-League.
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