Boca Juniors League 2015 Results: 29th June

Boca Juniors League 2015 Results
Boca Juniors League 2015, Week 6 Results

Below are the results from Mfar Boca Juniors League 2015, Week 6 which was held at Dairy Science College grounds in Hebbal, Bangalore.

Under 16 :
BFC  ( Arun- 1, Steve- 1 ) beats Boca Juniors Blues  2-0

Under 14 :
BFC ( Nikhil-2, Irfan-1, Dhanush-1 ) beats Boca Juniors Yellows Palermo 4-0

Under 12 :
Boca Juniors Whites Palermo (Mayank- 2, Alan -1 ) beats Boca Juniors Whites Maradona 3-0

Under 10 :
BFC1   (Anshu-1, Vineet-1, Shawn-1) beats Boca Juniors Stars Palermo ( Vansh-1, Samarth -1 )  3-2
BFC1 ( Vineet-1) beats BFC2 1-0
Boca Juniors Stars Maradona ( Ciaran-3, Gautam -2, Rajat-2 ,  Justin-1 own goal ) beats Boca Juniors Stars Palermo ( Samarth-1) 8-1

Complete Points Table:
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