Anantapur Sports Academy(ASA) for Football - An Overview

RDT's Ananntapur Sports Academy for Football in Andhra Pradesh
A look at RDT's Anantapur Sports Academy(ASA) for Football

As ABCDFootball looks to focus more on the burning needs of Indian Football, we focus our attention towards a football Academy which runs its football program across 23 centres, training around 1000 youngsters(including girls) regularly in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

A part of Rural Development Trust(RDT) - an NGO based in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh which carries out need-based welfare and integrated development programs, Anantapur Sports Academy(ASA) for Footall runs its football programs through 20 Mandal clubs, throughout Anantpur District under its Grassroots program.

The Academy provides training to youngsters on a daily basis through rigorous training sessions with frequency of twice everyday(weekdays) through their qualified coaches. The academy works in the development of the youngsters through different age groups - Under-20(managed by Spanish coach Miquel Llado), Under-17 and Under-15. The Academy provides training to these age groups through dedicated coaches for each category.

Football Academy at Anantapur Sports Village(ASV) was established in 2010. The academy provides basic education, residence and a structured nutrition to its students. The academy has its own full sized and well maintained football ground. Its infrastructure is developed by RDT in partnership with FC Barcelona Foundation. Every year coaching clinics are held where Spanish clubs FC Sant Vicenti and FC Sant Cugart visit the academy.

ABCDFootball will provide you more insight about the academy in the upcoming few days. Stay tuned.

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