2015 Junior Nationals Championship for Girls U-18 Results: 9th October

2015 Junior Nationals Championship for Girls U-18
In Pictures: 2015 Junior Nationals Championship for Girls U-18 - Maharashtra vs Haryana
2015 Junior Nationals Championship for Girls U-18 Results

Match No.1: Pondicherry v/s Manipur, 7:30am, Raia Panchayat Ground, Raia
Final Score: Manipur 21-1 Pondicherry
Goal Scorers for Manipur:
Kashmina  (3 Min, 39 Min, 47 Min, 64 Min, 76 Min, 86 Min, 89 Min)
N.Ratanbala Devi (7 Min, 14 Min, 27 Min, 41 Min, 73 Min, 81 Min, 83 Min)
S.Ranjana Channu (19min, 42 Min)
H.Daya Devi (33 Min, 35 Min, 90+1 Min)
Y.Hemolata Devi (49 Min)

Goal Scorers for Pondicherry:
N. Amsavalli (76 min)

Manipur scores a thumping 21-1 victory over a hapless Pondicherry team which were no match for the finesse, skills and tactical knowledge of Football displayed by Manipur. Manipur led from the very 3rd minute and continued pounding the opposition’s goal till the end of regulation time. N. Ratanbala Devi and Kashmina combined really beautifully upfront for Manipur and scored 7 goals each for a total of 14 goals between the pair. H. Daya Devi scored a fine hat-trick and S.Ranjana Channu scored a brace. Y. Hemolata Devi also got onto the score-sheet with a solitary goal. Pondicherry had some consolation with a goal in the 76 min with the boots of N. Amsavalli. Manipur seem like one of the favorites going into the next round of the Championships and displayed good team work and disciplined football thoroughly entertaining the audience.

Match No. 2: Odisha v/s Karnataka, 7:30am, Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim
Final Score: Odisha 11-0 Karnataka
Goal Scorers for Odisha:
Jasmani Samad (2 Min, 25 Min, 36 Min)
Jabamani Tudu (19 Min, 57 Min, 68 Min)
Swarna Priya Nayak (23 Min)
Anima Malik (40 Min, 76 Min)
Banya Kabiraj (45 Min)
Sasmita Behera (74 Min)

Odisha scores a very convincing 11-0 victory over Karnataka to progess into the quarterfinals of the Junior Girls Nationals Championships 2015 held at Goa. Jasbamani Samad and Jabamani Tudu both scored hat-tricks, Anima Malik scored a brace and Swarna Priya Nayak, Banya Kabiraj, Sasmita Behera scored a goal apiece for Odisha. Team work, good coordination and selflessness is what best describes the brand of Football played by Odisha on the field. Odisha players were seen encouraging their team mates throughout the match and displayed good communication on the field. Karnataka tried hard to keep possession of the ball but to very little success. Odisha were just the better team of the two and thoroughly deserve their progression into the quarter-final round of the Championships.

Match No.3: Maharashtra v/s Haryana, 9:30am, Raia Panchayat Ground, Raia
Final Score: Maharashtra 1-1 Haryana (4-2 on Penalties)
Goal Scorers for Maharashtra:
Bhagyashree Dalvi (79 min)

Penalty Scorers:
Pooja Dhamal
Anita Shinde
Jyoti Mehra

Goal Scorers for Haryana:
Nisha (90+2 min)

Penalty Scorer:
Poonam Sharma

Maharashtra and Haryana played what can rightfully be deemed as one of the best matches so far played at the Junior Girls Nationals Championships 2015 played in Goa. Both teams entered the match with a must win situation, both having won their first match with a margin of 2-0. The winner takes it all scenario called in for some nice football action at Raia Panchayat ground. Both teams were in the attacking mode right from the start and did not shy away in moving forward and taking risks and chances to get a goal for their state. The girls displayed a lot of grit and finesse in play and kept their composure keeping each other at bay from scoring. Haryana’s custodian stood tall in goal and was continuously driving her team to move forward and create scoring opportunities. The first half saw a lot of ball changes and a strong mid-field Football action. The half-time score read 0-0. Coming out of the half-time break, both teams looked all the more determined to score and create chances. In the run of play, Bhagyashree Dalvi scored a good goal in the 79th min for Maharashtra. With such little time left on the clock, all seemed lost for Haryana but Haryana fought back brilliantly and started pounding the oppositions goal with a lot of ball movement in the oppositions half. Their hard work and efforts bore fruit and Haryana got a stunning equalizer in the added minutes of regulation time with a goal from Nisha in the 90+2 min of play. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, but since both teams finished with equal number of goals in their group, a tie-breaker ensured to break the deadlock. Maharashtra displayed more composure in the tie-breaker with Pooja Dhamal, Anita Shinde and Jyoti Mehra making no mistake from the spot kick. Poonam Sharma was the lone scorer for Haryana. The final score read 4-2 with a win for Maharashtra on penalties.

Match No.4: Delhi v/s Meghalaya, 9:30am, Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim
Final Score: Delhi 4-0 Meghalaya
Goal Scorers for Delhi:
Anushka Samuel (45+1 min, 65 min, 78 min)
Mariya Ehreen Khan (57 min)

Anushka Samuel stars for Delhi and scores a fine hat-trick and Mariya Ehreen Khan chips in with a nice solo effort goal to give Delhi a very convincing 4-0 victory over Meghalaya. Delhi now qualifies into the quarter-finals of the Junior Girls National Championships having secured wins in both theor group stage matches.

Upcoming Fixtures/Matches for 10th Oct, 2015:
Jharkhand v/s Assam, 7:30am, Raia Panchayat Ground, Raia
Telangana v/s Goa, 7:30am, Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim
Madhya Pradesh v/s Bihar, 9:30am, Raia Panchayat Ground, Raia
West Bengal v/s Uttar Pradesh, 9:30am, Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim
Mizoram v/s Gujarat, 4:00pm, Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim
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