U-18 Girls National Football Championship 2015 Results: 8th October

U-18 Girls National Football Championship Results: 7th October
Day 4 Results from All-India Junior Nationals Championship for Girls U-18, Goa

Match No.1: Assam v/s Kerala, 7:30am, Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim
Final Score: Assam 2-1 Kerala

Goal Scorers for Assam:
Dipika Gogoi (37 min)
Maya Ramchiary (56 min)

Goal Scorers for Kerala:
Akshara K.A. (22 min)

Assam comes from a goal down to win 2-1 against Kerala in an interesting match in the Junior Nationals Championships for Girls played at Rosary Sports Complex at Navelim. The match started off on an evenly contested manner with both teams vying for the ball and wanting to take control of the match. There was a lot of midfield action and both the team’s defense and custodians stood tall and averted the attacks. Akshara K.A. gave Kerala the lead in the 22 min and a big boost early on in the game. Assam did not back down and were back in the attack mode after being a goal down and fought hard to equalize. The efforts of the Assam team bore fruit and Dipika Gogoi equalized for Assam in the 37 min and both teams went into Half time with an equal score. The second half started off in a fine manner and both Assam and Kerala looked threatening coming out of the half time break. Assam deservedly took the lead in the 56 min with a goal scored by Maya Ramchiary and giving Assam a 2-1 lead. Kerala players tried their best to fight back and find the equalizer but the Assam team had a lot of composure and displayed some good ball control and kept the ball with them and distributed the ball well. Assam went on to win the match with the final score of 2-1.

Match No.2: Telangana v/s Jammu & Kashmir, 7:30am, Raia Panchayat Ground, Raia
Final Score: Telangana 26-1 Jammu & Kashmir
Goal Scorers For Telangana:
G.Soumya (6 Min, 13 Min, 15 Min, 39 Min, 42 Min, 49 Min, 57 Min, 71 Min, 73 Min, 76 Min)
Sarvasree (16 Min)
B.Roja (24 Min, 32 Min, 60 Min, 87 Min, 89 Min)
B.Mounika (28 Min, 43 Min, 84 Min)
Shirisha (29 Min, 37 Min, 69 Min, 78 Min, 85, 90+1, 90+2)

Goal Scorers For Jammu & Kashmir:
Sonam Angmo (20 Min)

Telangana trash a hapless Jammu & Kashmir with a huge margin of 26-1. G. Soumya was the star of the match with an individual tally on 10 goals in the entire match. Shirisha was also a huge factor in the match with a huge margin of 6 goals and B.Roja scored 5 goals for Telangana. B. Mounika scored a fine hat trick and Sarvasree chipped in with one goal. Jammu & Kashmir got a small consolation with a goal in the 22 min scored by Akshara K.A.
Telangana plays their next match against Hosts Goa on 10th Oct, 2015, 7:30 am at Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim.

Match No.3: Bihar v/s Himachal Pradesh, 9:30am, Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim
Final Score: Bihar 7-1 Himachal Pradesh

Bihar scores an impressive 7-1 victory over Himachal Pradesh with the majority of the sporting action taking place in the second half of the match. Bihar had a very balanced attack with goals from Tara Khatoon (22 min, 63 min), Surbhi Kumari (49 min, 52 min), Archana Kumari (38 min), Neha Kumari (66 min) and Komal Kumari (70 min). Himachal Pradesh pulled one goal in the 49th min with the boots of Gurneet Kaur.

Match No.4: Mizoram v/s West Bengal, 9:30am, Raia Panchayat Ground, Raia

Final Score: Mizoram 3-0 West Bengal
Goal Scorers For Mizoram:
Grace H. Lalrampari (9 Min)
Elizabeth Vanlalmawii (45 Min)
B. Vanlalhriattiri (82 Min)

A hot contested match was on cards with two heavy weights of women football in India, Mizoram taking on West Bengal. Mizoram was the better side of the two with really good tactical and skillful play for the entire match. Grace Lalrampari gave Mizoram an early lead with a nice goal in the 9th minute and gave Mizoram a a big psychological advantage very early on in the match. West Bengal fought back and tried to move the ball into the opposition half but Mizoram stood firm with a strong midfield play and good ball skills. Elizabeth Vanlalmawii scored just at the end of the first half on the 45th min putting Mizoram ahead by 2-0. The second half saw some good football but Mizoram settled in and took control of the match and West Bengal seemed to have lost the zeal to give a fight back to Mizoram. B. Vanlalhriattiri put the matters totally out of West Bengal’s reach with a goal in the 82 minute giving and the match ended with a good victory of 3-0 in favour of a strong Mizoram team.
Mizoram play their next match on 10th Oct, 2015 at Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim at 4:00pm.

Match No.5: Gujarat v/s Uttar Pradesh, 4:00pm Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim

Final Score: Gujrat 0-1 Uttar Pradesh
Goal Scorers For Uttar Pradesh:
Pooja Kumari(22nd Min)

Fixtures/Matches for 9th October, 2015:
Pondicherry v/s Manipur, 7:30am at Raia Panchayat Ground, Raia
Odisha v/s Karnataka, 7:30am at Rosary Sports Complex, Navelim
Maharashtra v/s Haryana, 9:30am at Raia Panchayat Ground, Raia
Delhi v/s Meghalaya, 9:30am at Navelim Sports Complex, Navelim
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