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Generally a "About Me" would feature the name of one man but not here at ABCDFOOTBALL. Here, we have a small team or should we say a family, who are a part of ABCDFOOTBALL and try to give their best efforts for the development of the site one way or the other and in-turn providing helping hands for spreading the word "Indian Football". We work as a family and try to contribute whatever way we can. To be honest, neither of us are professionals at what we are doing and could not give our full dedication for the site but we try to make sure that we provide you with the information on Indian Football which will keep you updated.

Lets have a look who are the ones behind the words www.abcdfootball.com.           

Debraj Banerjee - Founder

Role: Admin, Founder and Author
Debraj Banerjee
Debraj Banerjee, Admin, Founder & Author
Hometown: Adra, West Bengal
Current Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Profession: IT Professional
Specialty: Writing articles on Indian football including statistical reviews and match reports. Collecting and developing the statistical warehouse on i-League matches.  
Connect with me: Find me on Google+
Most notable contribution: Conducted several Interviews with top Indian footballers and coaches. Collected and managed the i-League statistical review alongside Acham Thavirthan.

Few words from myself:

Football being a global sport and dubbed as 'The most popular sports' in the World by many, its really hard to believe how India with such large population and talent pool lags enormously behind in the world stage. One can blame Cricket for that, but to be very frank, "Football" the name itself a marketing product and it starts from us. If we provide it able support then the day is not far when India goes up the ladder of world football, and you never know, we could see India could be rubbing shoulders with world renowned names. But it all depends on how the steps are taken at the administrative end, because I am a firm believer that "Start from the Root, the Tree will bear fruit". So from our end we are trying to do our bit, by starting and managing the site! Are you playing your part?

Acham Thavirthan

Acham Thavirthan, Co Autor
Role: Admin and Co-Author of abcdfootball
Hometown: Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 
Current Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Profession: IT Professional
Specialty: Writing Analytical and Statistical Articles
Most notable contribution: Was one of the two creators, of the series "i-League Statistical Analysis" alongside Debraj Banerjee

Few words from the man himself,
I have been a follower of Indian sports mainly Indian football and Hockey, with a wish to see a day when every i-league matches being followed the same way IPL games are watched and also to watch in stadium the Indian football team play FIFA world cup.

Varun Murukan
Varun Murukan
Varun Murukan, Graphics Specialist

Role: Co-Author and Graphics Specialist
Hometown/Current Location: Kochi, Kerala
Profession: Entrepreneur
Specialty: Expert in graphic designing and writing featured articles
Most notable contribution: Varun is the proud designer of the ABCDFOOTBALL logo and also he also played key role in a much debated interview with Nizam Pakeer Ali (Then Chirag Kerala Coach)

Few Words from Varun,

I’m an Engineering graduate and an Internet Entrepreneur, based in Kochi, India. Currently, I’m working on poster and logo designing works on various platforms. An occasional blogger, mainly focusing on the Indian football oriented articles and news features. Apart from football, I share my passion for Social Networking, Electro Music and Movies.

Shamik Ray

Shamik Ray
Shamik Ray, Tech Head
Role: Web-Consultant and Technical Head
Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal
Current Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Profession:  IT Professional
Specialty: Expert in various programming/scripting languages
Most notable contribution: Has been helpful in debugging several issues with the site at the technical end and also been developing several important applications.

Other Names worth Mentioning who have helped us :

Rudra Nayan Das(Kolkata/Barcelona), Soumyajit Kundu(Kolkata), Samrat Banerjee(Kolkata), Mohammed Junaid(Hyderabad), Vaibhav(Kolkata)

This are the few who are a part of the family called ABCDFOOTBALL! 

Do you want to be a part of the family too? Drop us a mail at 
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